Dear distinguished guests,

We are celebrating the 13th anniversary of Global HR Forum this year after it was jointly founded by the Korea Economic Daily, the Ministry of Education and Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET) in 2006. This year’s theme of the Forum, held at Grand Walkerhill Seoul in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul on November 6th to 7th, is ‘Future Makers: Challengers Create Tomorrow’.

New technologies including AI, Big Data, and IoT defining the 4th Industrial Revolution unarguably became megatrend. As technological advancement accelerates transformation of human society, the world would undergo incredible change in the future. In its speed, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. Some are even naming the transformation ‘the 4th Civilization Revolution’, instead of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Stiffer global competition will be shown among countries to dominate the market. Now the world has strived for innovation and reform in social and industrial structure to lead the way in this digital Revolution. Education reform is among major focuses of this effort. That is because the next generation leading the future is required exceptional capability and qualification.

This year’s theme of the Forum holds meaning that now we should find the way to nourish global talent in order to proactively respond to this uncertainty. This forum is to serve as venue to bring together 5,000 global leaders and experts: ministers of related fields, high ranking officials from international organizations, CEOs of global businesses, Presidents of the world’s top universities and experts from academia and they will deeply discuss college innovation, creative learning, talent management of innovative enterprises and the creation of the future of jobs through innovation.

Welcome all participants to Global HR Forum 2018!

We hope your continued interest and support for this forum.

Eun-He Ryu

Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Education

Kiwoong Kim

President and Publisher,
The Korea Economic Daily

Young Sun Ra

Korea Research Institute for
Vocational Education and Training